Honey and SOUL

Delicious smell...delicious smell!

Gau gau, welcome to Honey and SOUL, the TAFL-approved fanlisting for the highly symbolic, terribly surreal, beautifully odd, and oddly beautiful girls' love series Yurikuma Arashi (ユリ熊嵐), titled as Love Bullet~Yuri Kuma Arashi on merchandise, and released in the English language as Yuri Bear Storm. Leaping from the deliciously weird genius of Ikuhara Kunihiko (he of Shoujo Kakumei Utena fame), Yurikuma Arashi tells the story of Tsubaki Kureha (椿輝紅羽), a teenage girl who lost her mother to a bear attack, and has promised to destroy all bears. Kureha's world is turned completely upside down when she discovers that her girlfriend has been killed by bears, and hot on the heels of this tragedy, two transfer students, Yurishiro Ginko (百合城銀子) and Yurigasaki Lulu (百合ヶ咲るる), show up at her school. These two strange girls seem determined to become her friends...but why? Do they know anything about the spate of bear attacks on the rise? And why do they feel just a little...odd? Explaining the surrealist wonder that is YKA in a few sentences is absolutely impossible, but if you're a fan of this wonderful series, won't you add your name to the fanlisting? You won't be excluded if you do, gau gau!

You're viewing version 1 of Honey and SOUL, territory, featuring brushes from Lileya and PerpetualStudios. It should be able to be viewed on all devices at all resolutions, but if this isn't the case for you, please do take a screenshot and send it to me, and I'll see if I can fix it ASAP! I plan to turn this little project into a full blown shrine with essays, screenshots, and music downloads, so please look forward to it! ♥